VP, Medical Strategy Director

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The VP, Medical Strategy Director will have the opportunity to serve as the scientific lead on prominent healthcare accounts while collaborating with top experts and thought leaders in the industry.

Overview: Our Medical Directors assume responsibility for understanding the scientific and clinical aspects of their assigned businesses in depth, and serve as a key strategic resource for both internal teams and clients. They will leverage science in brand differentiation and communications, collaborate with copywriters/medical writers to represent the scientific perspective throughout strategic/creative development, and ensure scientific and clinical relevance. At all levels, the Medical Directors will continue to develop their strategic skill set in an effort to uncover the most compelling way in which to differentiate a brand or franchise from a medically viable, but compelling perspective. Demonstration of excellent written and verbal communication skills, and strong analytical and interpretive skills, is needed.

1. Knowledge/Expertise

  • a. Demonstrate depth of understanding for multiple products and disease states
  • b. Critically review content developed by others in the agency, including copywriters, medical writers, and AMDs
  • c. Demonstrate the ability to distill down the medical and scientific information into strategic insights and actionable ideas for the brand
  • d. Proactively and proficiently provide strategic medical recommendations based on the changing market to enhance brand communications

2. Strategic Skills/Tools

  • a. Proactively identify medical opportunities that contribute to strategic and tactical development
  • b. Ensure teams are optimizing the use of data to tell a viable, differentiating story
  • c. Develop depth of understanding for assigned products, related medical areas, and competitors
  • d. Ensure that projects are technically accurate and audience appropriate;
  • e. Participate in proprietary workshops

3. Client Relationships

  • a. Lead medically-related client interactions across multiple pieces of business

4. Business Development

  • a. Lead research and development efforts for new business pitches
  • b. Begin to be able to draft the "medical hook" portion of a pitch presentation under supervision
  • c. Help drive the strategic recommendations for the pitch
  • d. Be a part of the core pitch team both internal and during the live presentation
  • e. Co-lead the medical portion/immersion of a pitch presentation

5. Communication/Selling Skills

  • a. Apply presentation skills in multiple settings, eg internal meetings, client and KOL meetings, pitch presentations
  • b. Clearly communicate medical concepts across multiple pieces of business in a condensed, audience-appropriate way to client, KOLs and agency
  • c. Independently, confidently and credibly present the medical hook at new business pitches and client meeting
  • d. Project confidence as the expert in therapeutic categories

6. Teamwork/Collaboration

  • a. Proficiently manage your direct reports
  • b. Be solutions oriented and provide help beyond your brand and management team
  • c. Manage workflow for you and your reports' assigned products and ensure team deadlines are met
  • d. Demonstrate willingness to work beyond basic responsibilities to assist your reports and your teams
  • e. Always proactively participate in and contribute to discussions at team meetings to set example for reports

7. Creativity/Innovation/Engagement

  • a. Proactively recommend initiatives that support marketing strategies

8. Management/ Leadership

  • a. Supervise 1 or more AMDs/MDs/MWs on products in your group - teach them SOPs, give ongoing performance feedback; help with growth of skill sets; shadow, review all work and set examples until you feel your reports are ready to take on projects independently
  • b. Build morale among your team and begin to work with other teams providing leadership to the broader medical group
  • c. Immerse yourself in your direct reports brands to help guide them on thinking and process
  • 9. Financial Accountability
  • a. Begin to help create job estimates
  • b. Ensure appropriate utilization of your direct reports
  • c. Complete timesheets accurately and on time
  • d. Develop ability to reasonably estimate hours required to complete specific projects
  • e. Complete and submit expense reports on time



  • MD, PharmD or PhD required

Skills & Training Requirements (licenses, programs, certifications, etc.)

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong analytical and interpretive skills


  • 8-10 years of healthcare advertising experience


Competitive salary and benefits package

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