Pharmaceutical Project Manager

San Diego, California, United States


Our Project Management team fortifies our vision by establishing a strong foundation for the agency to operate in a highly functional capacity. Focused on meeting client objectives, timing and budgets, Project Management also inspires an innovative atmosphere for the development of quality creative work. Project Management guides agency teams to follow an effective, nimble process that remains consistent, but evolves to support the needs of our clients. Project Management functions as the internal extension of Client Service, trusted as their strategic solution-strategists to lead workflow, all agency teams and ultimately our clients, to success. Project Management implements and refines agency processes, promotes integration of departments and brands, bolsters team chemistry and ensures overall agency productivity.

Position Summary:

The Project Manager has successfully led various components of campaigns encompassing all creative mediums including Broadcast, Print, Digital, Out-of-Home, Point-of-Sale, Direct Mail and miscellaneous collateral development. The Project Manager is responsible for establishing a global and granular view of all assigned client accounts and their respective workloads, leading the internal workflow and teams to complete quality work and managing projects from inception to completion. Through exceptional organizational and communication skills, the Project Manager works to integrate multiple departments and ensures flawless execution on time and budget to meet client and agency goals. The Project Manager should be a pragmatic visionary that leads by example, conducts themselves professionally by remaining calm in high pressure situations and focuses on what is possible, not just risk. The Project Manager should have an interest in creative development and a natural ability to build collaborative teams.

The Project Manager should continuously seek to refine their craft by actively seeking out mentorship and guidance from the Project Management Lead, Senior Project Manager and other agency leadership. The Project Manager should be confident, but humble enough to accept expert and constructive criticism to grow and evolve in their role and career. The Project Manager should investigate and share updates on innovations in our industry related to process, technology and team building.

Basic Responsibilities:



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